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Longhorns in the LA                           oil/canvas  18x24              

At the Head of Broken Mower Draw

Oil on canvas, 16x20

Red Desert Draw                                Oil on panel  12x16

Sagebrush Slope  Oil on panel  11x14

Devil's Tower in Blue  Oil/canvas 9x12

The Boars' Tusk--Red Desert, Wyoming

Oil/panel  9x12

Powder River Gold    Oil/panel   18x24

Laramie Peak  Oil/panel  10x14

Snowy Range Summer  Oil/canvas  16x20

Sandstone and Spanish Bayonets 

Oil/panel  9x12

Inyan Kara Mountain, Crook County, Wyo

Oil/panel 12x18

Nevada Bob  Oil/panel  9x12

Laramie River Summer  Oil/panel 9x12

Territorial Prison  Oil/panel  10x14

Home Ridge  Oil/canvas  16x20

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